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Photo tours

I can’t join a specific tour on the scheduled dates. But, would like to visit the place. Can you arrange the same for me ?

Yes, we can surely accommodate your request. Please visit our ‘Customised Tours’ section to place a request.

 I am not into photography, but like traveling. Can I still join your tour ?

Yes, surely. Our tours though related to photography, we strive to enhance the experience of the travel rather than just focusing on the image making part of it.

I am not into photography. If I still join your tour, will I get any discount on the tour price ?

 No, the price will remain the same.

Do you provide any equipment rental services ?

If you are joining in on one of our photo tours, we can arrange the specific equipment that you might be looking for, on rent.

Can I bring my spouse and kids on the tour ?

Yes, you can get your spouse along even if he/she is not into photography. For kids, there will be minimum age restrictions. Please do check with us before registering.

 I just bought a new camera and am new to wildlife photography. Do you teach basics of photography on the tour ?

 Yes, we have a couple of off the field sessions covering basics of photography and also touch upon the basics of digital post processing. And, as we always travel with a small group, on the field assistance and individual attention is assured for you.

Do you cover digital image processing while on tour ?

Yes, we do have a session touching upon the basics of post processing on our tours. We also do frequent image review sessions on and off the field.

What are modes of payment that you accept ?

We have enable multiple modes of payment on our website for your convenience. Please use the one that suits you to do the same.

Payment & Cancellation policies ?

Please refer to individual tour pages to know about them. Please note: The date of written (email) communication of intent to cancel is the date considered for calculation of the cancellation fees.

Do you provide travel insurance for people coming on your tours ?

 Yes, we can provide. Do get in touch with us for more details regarding the same.

For payments other than INR, what would be the exchange rates applicable?

The exchange rates are applied as on the date the transfer is made. Any bank charges would be borne by the customer.


I don’t own a copy of Lightroom, can I still join the workshop?
It is advisable to have a copy of the software on your system so that you can work on it while we explain at the training session. Please download a trail version at the official site here: (INSERT URL)
Do you provide pickup and drop for the workshop and outdoor session?No, you will have to make your own arrangements.

Basic Photography Workshop

I don’t own a camera, can I still join the workshop? Yes you can. But to understand better, it is advised to have your own camera.
Can I attend only one day of the workshop?Day one complements what you will be doing on day two – we strongly suggest you attend the program on both the days.
Do you provide pickup and drop for the workshop and outdoor session?No, you will have to make your own arrangements.
Do you help us on renting equipments for the workshop or the tour?Yes, we can at actual cost.