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Photography mentor and naturalist


Many of us have stumbled upon photography rather than being introduced to it formally as a career or a hobby as in the west. Santhosh’s story is somewhat similar – but with a twist that proves that dreams do come true.

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The Journey

First Steps With A Film SLR

Like many software guys from Bangalore, he was sent on an on-site project to the USA while working in an MNC. He saved up enough to afford his first film SLR, which happened to be his first camera as well. He didn’t know much about the technicalities, only knew that he liked the idea of photography and now that he had a camera and was in a foreign place – he made the most of it, clicking extensively and even trying portraits and impromptu photo-shoots for friends and relatives. The portraits of his young nieces that he took made his family appreciate his work. That was the beginning of his journey as a serious photo enthusiast.

Nestled In Nature

For the next few years he was experimenting with lenses, cameras and different genres of nature photography, namely, landscape, birds and macro. But India Nature Watch (INW) changed his perspective. There, he could not just post pictures for expert review but could also learn about the birds, insects, spiders, their names and behavior too. He eventually signed up for a naturalist’s training program conducted by Jungle Lodges & Resorts and ended up being a certified expert in natural history while polishing his skill of photography.

From then on, there was no looking back. Photography became a medium for Santhosh to dig deeper and learn more about the hidden treasures of nature, thus becoming a very involved process. A few photography awards and publications along the way complemented his drive and motivation. However, photography still remained a hobby albeit being a pretty serious one at that.

Leap Of Faith

Most photo enthusiasts who’ve been at it for more than a decade would want to make it a full time career. But only a few daring ones take that leap of faith. Guess that’s what really sets them apart from the rest of us. After 15 years of work in the IT sector, Santhosh took the call to turn his passion into profession.

Two Men In A Boat

At the regular photo meetups held in Bangalore – Santhosh met Kesava, founder of Birdwing. It didn’t take too long for both these photographers to realize they were in the same boat. They had similar professional and personal background and both most importantly – followed their dream of pursuing nature photography. That is when it happened. Santhosh decided to join hands with Kesava to take Birdwing forward, thus becoming two men in a boat – in pursuit of photographic excellence.