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Photography mentor and naturalist


CEO / Founder

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything”. ~Albert Einstein

This quote of Einstein’s is probably the simplest reason why Kesava picked up photography.

From the time he sneakily picked up his dad’s worn-out yet everlasting Yashica camera, to click random pictures of dogs on the streets, the tumblers with water that his mom used to carry and even his little toys – he knew he was having fun, and the fact that it was fulfilling was not just because he was freezing those beautiful moments on camera but also because he fully knew his subjects – be it the dog he played with or the faded tumbler he used to water the plants.

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The Journey

Teenage Tryst

This fixation with the view-through-the lens caught up with him and he decided to work part-time as a teenager at a local photo studio, where he learnt the nuances of basic photography. His first big break was covering the annual day at college, which was almost two decades ago.

Just like many of us, he went through the grind, good grades, a great job in IT and finally, he saved up enough to invest on a camera while his friends saved up to buy their first bike or go on a proper date. And before he knew it, his past-time became his full-time avocation , and his day-job, only a means to support his urge to travel, experience and click away, everyday.

The Big Break

It was 2011, when he finally realized that he could take this up as a profession. As they say “passion is the difference between having a job and having a career”; and he had made his call. He started off with taking kids on photo-expeditions. A short, simple tour of landscapes and nature around the place he lived. Summer holidays really helped, and so did young parents who wanted their kids to pursue the passion that they couldn’t.

Birdwing & Beyond

One thing lead to another and in no time, the parents, their friends and many others were on board too! He took them on expeditions, thanks to the many natural avenues rich in flora and fauna around Bangalore that allowed adults to take a quick break from the daily hullabaloo and head to the forest over the weekends. The tours got bigger and the number of photo and nature enthusiasts who believed in Kesava’s concept of “knowing about what you’re clicking is as important as knowing your art” also grew over to time. This group of ardent followers lead to the creation of Birdwing, a platform for photo-enthusiasts that evolved into an international experiential photography power house.

Certified Naturalist

Kesava is a certified naturalist from Jungle Lodges and Resorts, Karnataka and has keenly studied animal behaviour in the wild. His attention to detail and his in-depth knowledge on photography and natural history is what truly sets him apart.